The Art of Penis Worship

The Art of Penis Worship
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I have a fetish for hard dicks.

So it’s always a pleasure to receive one in my vagina, mouth or back door.

There are plenty of articles on the almighty puss-puss. But articles which celebrate the magnificent penis, seem to be few and far between.

Penis Worship has existed for thousands of years. Every year, Japan hosts a festival in celebration of DICK.

People assume that ‘penis worship’ is about the man but it’s actually about the woman. The male obviously reaps rewards but the female worships for her own pleasure.

Penis worship is the lead-up to fellatio, deepthroat or sex. It’s the apéritif.

I can orgasm from ‘the art of penis worship’ without a man even touching me. That’s how much it turns me on. What a celebration!



Handling is the first stop in penis worship. It’s about getting to know every inch of his hardness. It’s about connecting through touch.

I LOVE running my hand up and down a man’s shaft. I squeeze it firmly, then let it go ― which makes it throb with fullness.

I take my time ― there’s no rush. Like a master craftsmen, I feel my way. My fingers appreciating his phallic surface.


This is always my second-stop in the art of penis worship. Not only is licking and kissing about the tease. It’s also about tasting him on your tongue.

Every woman has her own way of honoring. But I start from the bottom of his shaft and swirl my tongue upwards, working my way towards the peak of his nob.


Holding is for the true cockaholics amongst us. Holding is when you take his dick in your mouth and hold it there. It’s not about his pleasure, it’s about yours and how his fullness feels inside your mouth.

Penis worship is often performed by <em>two</em> women. The more the merrier -- I say.
Penis worship is often performed by two women. The more the merrier -- I say.


I mentioned my love of turkey slapping in another column I wrote for The Huff Post. Turkey slapping is when the male slaps the woman’s face with his penis but I prefer to turkey-slap myself. I also use this time to rub his penis on my face for the scent and warmth.


Spitting is sexy and guys love it! (Well, all the guys I’ve been with do.)

Use your saliva as the lubricant to gently wank him but don’t let him have a release. His release will arrive during fellatio or sex. This is about the worshipper’s pleasure!


I’m writhing in pleasure at this point of the game and he’s about to spontaneously combust. Time for the feast.


Vanessa de Largie is an actress, author, journalist and sex-columnist based in Australia.

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