'The Art Of Pho': A Motion Comic Based On Julian Hanshaw's Graphic Novel (VIDEO)

In the young field of "motion comics" -- stil comics brought to life by animators -- one of the best has to be Lois van Baarle's adaptation of the whimsical Vietnam-set "The Art Of Pho," originally by British artist Julian Hanshaw. Winner of the 2008 Observer/Cape prize for his illustrated short story, "Sand Dunes and Sonic Booms," Hanshaw conceived of "Pho," his first graphic novel, after taking a trip to Vietnam and drinking copious amounts of the ubiquitous street broth. His delicately-drawn tale of an imaginary creature named Little Blue who learns how to make the perfect bowl of pho is an ideal candidate for "motioning," being both beautifully illustrated and perhaps too restrained in Hanshaw's version.

To satisfy the commission by Dutch/American studio Submarine Channel, van Baarle and her team of animators pulled off a complex Photoshop de-layering of Hanshaw's work, and created enough new drawings in Hanshaw's style to flesh out the transitions. The result is a series very much in the spirit of the original source, but with interactive games and a moving visual storyline tailored for the internet.

Check out a making-of video below featuring van Baarle, Hanshaw (who oversaw the project), and scenes from the series, and head over to the official site for all 8 episodes. You will most certainly be craving a certain kind of soup in no time.


Making Of The Art of Pho motion comic from Submarine Channel on Vimeo.