The Art of the Father and Son Relationship

The Art of the Father and Son Relationship
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There is an art to loving life and that love of life produces art from the heart that creates new worlds!

For over 30 years Jerome Jones, Jr. has been using his original paintings to teach "The art of life through the love of art." His son, Jeromyah Jones is following in his father's creative footsteps with his desire to inspire young and old to use their gifts to uplift others.

I have never met Jerome or Jeromyah, yet we have formed a mutual admiration society. They love my show and I love their art. And when you visit their website you too will see why I am not the only one who appreciates their work.

From their portraits to their landscapes to their still-life's their use of color and light creates an emotional reaction while pulling you into a specific cultural perspective that has a universal appeal.

I am also as fascinated by their relationship as I am by their paintings. Having two wonderful sons, the father and son bond has always enthralled me.

What strikes me most however was something I realized after having
on my show with is book
My Father Before Me
. These are the words by Dr. Diamond that moved me so:

At any given moment, fathers and sons are working through their own issues, yet they are also uniquely positioned to help each other grow and take the next step.

When you look at each artists work you see the influence that Jerome has on Jeromyah and subsequently how Jeromyah adds a new layer and commentary expanding off his father's work.

When you see and feel at the deepest level that this passing back and forth of wisdom and art exists, it is hard to imagine anything more joyous and you can see that beautifully expressed in their paintings.

Enjoy the beauty of Jerome and Jeromyah's art, and grab all the wisdom and pleasure you can from your children,


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