The Art of the Redesign


CEOs and business owners often come to me for advice on doing a business makeover—or, as it’s called in the business world, a turnaround.

One of the first things I do is show them the work of my wife.

Georgia is a very talented interior designer. When the economy got tough and folks weren’t spending as freely for the finer things in life, she reinvented her business by specializing in “redesign,” doing complete home makeovers using the client’s existing furnishings.

I show the CEOs before-and-after pictures of the rooms. They are amazed by the stunning transformations. Then I explain that it’s all the same stuff, just utilized differently.

I like to share Georgia’s process, as it provides several makeover lessons applicable to your business or life.

When endeavoring to do a makeover, it’s tempting to look for what’s wrong—what elements need to be changed, removed or even added to fix the problem. But that can complicate matters further.

By contrast, Georgia starts by completely removing everything, stripping the room bare. Then with a fresh beginning—a clean slate— she adds pieces, one by one, purposefully choosing and placing each item.

What is always astonishing to me is that items that once looked like junk can become magnificent showpieces when grouped with color, shape, texture and the overall balance of the room in mind. Of course, not everything makes it back into the room. And Georgia often finds items hidden elsewhere in the house, in closets or even the garage.

When placed appropriately, items once disregarded can become the perfect elements needed to create harmony and magic in the space.

As you start 2015 and look to do your own business or life makeover, use the same approach.

Start by removing everything—all existing products, processes, positions and people. Start with a blank plan and a clean piece of paper. Redefine the business (or life) you want to have, the value you want to offer and the position you want to own in the marketplace.

Now start adding pieces back onto the page, one by one, intentionally and with purpose, placed into the right positions.

You’ll discover that not everything will make it back into the plan. You’ll also notice people, products or processes you might have taken for granted that, when utilized properly, can actually create the strength and balance you needed. These overlooked items might even end up being the showpieces of your new business strategy.

You’ll also realize you can completely make over your business or life using mostly your existing stuff (but less of it) and you will now be able to see the one or two missing components needed to complete the magic equation.

Are you ready to redesign your life for 2015?

Wishing you your best year yet! I look forward to supporting your success all year long.