The Art Of The Scam

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It’s becoming more obvious by the day that Donald Trump’s election was a giant scam propagated by Russia with the aid of the Trump campaign, as more is revealed about the automated Russian cyberattack. It explains why someone so obviously unfit because of his own past could be elected our President.

Donald Trump has elevated the Art of the Scam to a whole new level. It is a textbook example of fooling American voters with fake news, as well as exposing a dysfunctional Democratic Party. Which means President Trump’s actions in aiding and abetting President Putin are because he is deathly afraid that his collusion might be exposed.

The latest evidence points to son-in-law Jared Kushner as the one who fed the Russian cyberattackers with crucial voter data, due to his supervision of the Trump campaign’s digital voter operation. McClatchy News first revealed the possible link between Kushner and Russia’s cyberwar.

“Congressional and Justice Department investigators are focusing on whether Trump’s campaign pointed Russian cyber operatives to certain voting jurisdictions in key states – areas where Trump’s digital team and Republican operatives were spotting unexpected weakness in voter support for Hillary Clinton,” according to McClatchy.
“By Election Day,” reports McClatchy in July, “an automated Kremlin cyberattack of unprecedented scale and sophistication had delivered critical and phony news about the Democratic presidential nominee to the Twitter and Facebook accounts of millions of voters. Some investigators suspect the Russians targeted voters in swing states, even in key precincts.”

These cyber attacks were in play during the primary campaign against Republicans, as well. Throughout the Republican primary elections in early 2016, Russia sent armies of bots carrying pro-Trump messages and deployed human “trolls” to comment in his favor on Internet stories and in social media, former FBI special agent Clint Watts told Congress weeks ago, according to McClatchy.

Perhaps this is why Facebook finally admitted it had sold at least $100,000 in paid advertising to a Russian firm in 2015-16 so that they could gain access to millions of Facebook subscribers.

Putin is blackmailing Trump, in a word. McClatchy News has provided the latest evidence of that collusion from confidential sources that the congressional intelligence committees and Special Investigator Robert Mueller are investigating.

And what if Republican Party operatives were also involved?

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