The Audacity of Dopes IV

The front page of every newspaper details, on one side, the orchestrated pattern of lies from to justify the invasion of Iraq, and on the other side, assertions of the exact same nature now regarding Iran.
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Madam Speaker,

Here are today's examples of why you must immediately move to begin the impeachment process:

Side-by-side articles on the front page of every major newspaper in the United States detailing on one side, from the Libby trial, the orchestrated pattern of lies from The White House to justify the invasion of Iraq, and on the other side, assertions of the exact same nature now regarding Iran from the very same White House.

The danger in this situation is twofold;

1) after (again) exposing Bush et al as liars, it leads Americans to expect that the current wave of 'information' regarding Iran is more propaganda that will cost more American lives, American debt, and greater loss of American stature around the globe, and
2) if any of the accusations regarding Iran are true--and how can we ever know given how often The Boy has cried wolf over the last six years, on virtually every subject, all the while obsessing on 'secrecy'---can America really afford to have the very engineers of the disasters in Afghanistan and Iraq now spearhead yet another disaster in Iran?

How low can America go?
How low will you let it go?

One hopes that the historically unprecedented madman in the White House would not be emboldened enough to continue these assaults on democracy and the citizens of the United States if impeachment was underway. One thing is certain, though--if the president were removed from office, he would no longer have the power to commit such acts.

The world is waiting for you and your fellow Democrats to wake up. Will today be the day?
Or will you wait for ANOTHER war, with all its attendant death, debt and disgrace, be the straw that breaks the camel's back?

Tomorrow we'll have another reason for you, as we will every day, until you accept responsibility for the public mandate that swept you into your historically unprecedented position of power and end the war, and impeach The President.

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