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The Audacity of Never Giving Up

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This article is somewhat personal, and it will sound personal to many women out there who at one time in their life have felt like Giving Up but didn't.

I love the phrase used by Barak Obama - The Audacity of Hope. There is strength, there is the feeling of a persistent and constant effort in wanting to hope or not wanting to give up.

I believe that women are born with innate audacity as their core trait. The very essence of being a woman is "wondrous audacity".

The very act of giving birth defies pain at its highest point. Yet we forget that pain the moment we hold the baby in our arms.

The wondrous audacity of any woman can only be expressed and fully lived when every cell in our body and every drop of life that is in us, knows exactly its unique purpose in life.

No matter where we come from, no matter our creed or status in society we need to break the chains that others so willingly thrust upon women.

The fact that in Italy to renew your car insurance you have to tick a box to declare if you are married, single or divorced. The fact that again in Italy for a woman to renew her passport she needs the signature of her husband. The fact that you get talked over at meetings or talked down if you apparently know too much.

We get disappointed and frustrated, angry at times. Our anger is never one of discouragement, it's positive anger because when confronted with extreme adversity we get creative and find solutions even to the most difficult problems.

We have to embrace our inner "wondrous audacity" for when we are whole in our essence and purpose we become invincible.

I have had the privilege to meet such women and call some of them friends. Women who have jolted life at its core and became triumphant. Women who became unstuck from their story. Women who embraced disloyalty to feelings of anger and hatred. Women who like me embed in their every day life "The Audacity of Never Giving Up".

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