The Authentically Prosperous Life

Jolie Dawn knows that confidence and stepping out of your comfort zone are necessary parts to becoming a successful businesswoman. She takes that, and along with visualization, understanding the vibrational language of the universe as it relates to money, and tactical step-by-step business advice, and she immediately imbues you with a sense of “hell yes, I can do this!”

She wrote a best selling book called Empowered, Sexy, & Free, and when you meet her, you know without a doubt that it’s no gimmick, this is how Jolie lives her life. Jolie is incredibly warm, friendly, and charismatic, the type to make friends in line at the bank. She created the Prosperity Possy, a lady squad, a group of people to support and encourage each other, to grow and use the law of attraction and visualization practices to make money and build businesses the women are proud of and excited about.

Jolie bases a lot of her thinking on the law of attraction. When you sit and contemplate and visualize what you want and clients, and draw people in, when you’re on the right vibration and mindset, coupled with strategic action, then it will all come to you. This is a law of the universe and everyone is entitled to playing with it. She continually uses herself as a guinea pig, using the law of attraction to manifest and is constantly tweaking and updating her findings. Some may say she’s obsessed but she sees it as an insatiable curiosity to discover true human happiness and potential.

Every night, Jolie takes some time to visualize and attract her success. She takes some quiet time and sees her aura expanding, uses all of her senses to smell money, taste success, hear her clients saying YES, and see a giant pile of money to swim in. As she sends her aura out into the world, Jolie continues to visualize the perfect person for her Prosperity Possy course, the right person who needs her help and is ready to make a change, and she calls out to them, inviting them in and bringing them closer.

If you don’t believe in the power of visualization, then you haven’t seen the outstanding success Jolie has become. In between moving from San Diego to Austin, and dealing with all the logistics of a cross-country move, Jolie still managed to bring in over $35,000 that month. While working about 6 hours per day and having Fridays off. You may think this is all hippie nonsense, but you would be wrong, and her multitudes of success stories from women whom she has helped build businesses would not hesitate to tell you.

Science backs up Jolie’s teachings. A change in your attitude and mindset, which are generally comprised of your beliefs and expectations, can completely change your life. Dr. Ellen Langer, PhD and professor of psychology at Harvard, said that “[sic] the way people perceive themselves in relation to the world significantly impacts their physiology and their experience of life.”

Jolie has the perfect combination of down home relatability and honest business advice, along with proven success and a clearly genuine need to help other women make their dreams come true. She so clearly cares about her Possy, and teaching other women how to be successful. The world needs more Jolies. More women building other women up instead of the alternative, more women who believe that anything is possible and can actually help you find the possibilities.

She says it herself, “Seeing women go from totally stuck, considering quitting and getting a job to completely turning it around and making it happen, is one of the greatest pleasures of my entire life.”

It’s not about being perfect, it’s not about appearing to have all the answers, it’s about being yourself, owning your flaws, rocking your imperfections, and living in truth and integrity. On Facebook, you’ll find Jolie telling the raw truth about her life, living her truth and owning her flaws. She doesn’t shy away from talking about her insecurities about herself or doubts she has in her business life. No one is perfect and Jolie isn’t about to lie about her own hardships and struggles.

In her Prosperity Possy course, Jolie has a 12 module class where she teaches everything from visualizing money and success to step-by-step business and marketing plans, and how to have the confidence to accurately value yourself when pricing your services. She has helped so many women turn their hobbies into businesses, and it is amazing to see the direct results of her work. Read more about Jolie and her Prosperity Possy here.

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