The Average Facebook User: Stats Show How We Use The Site (INFOGRAPHIC)

The Average Day On Facebook

What's an average day like on Facebook?

Using data from a 2011 study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project , Jess3, a creative agency, has created a new infographic that paints a portrait of who's using Facebook and how.

The colorful visualization highlights the commenting, photo-uploading, "liking," and messaging that goes on on Facebook and presents some interesting stats about U.S. users on the social network.

For example: the average age of a Facebook user rose from 33 in 2008 to 38 in 2010; users have 229 friends each, on average; and the average user has never met 7 percent of his or her friends, according to Pew.

Facebook's own statistics tell a slightly different story, which may be because they examine the entire population of users, rather than being limited to American adult internet users, who made up Pew's survey pool. According to the social networking site, the average user now has 130 friends, up from 100 in 2008.

You can find more terrific stats about Facebook, and other social networks, from Pew's report here. Here's one noteworthy number: social media users are "disproportionately female," notes Pew, with women making up 56 percent of social networking sites, 52 percent of email users, and 55 percent of instant message users.

Check out the chart from Jess3 below (Click for a larger version):

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