'The Bachelor' Ben Flajnik Meets The Grandma Contestant Who Loves Him Exclusive (VIDEO)

"The Bachelor" has had its fair share of ratings stunts over the years, but a grandma contestant takes things to a new level.

Fans went crazy at the first sight of Sheryl, the grandmother who was joining the ranks of ladies in the premiere, there to charm 28-year-old winemaker Ben Flajnik in Season 16 (premieres Mon., Jan. 2, 8PM ET on ABC). Now we've got the exclusive sneak peek at Sheryl's full introduction to Ben, including her walking on crutches from the limo to meet him and admission that she's "madly in love" with him.

"We might have outdone ourselves this season," host Chris Harrison admitted to HuffPost TV in a recent interview. "But people should know that we would never take up a spot on the show as a cocktail joke. It definitely was funny, but it has much more meaning than you see in the ad. There's something very sweet and romantic about it."

Ben seems adorably flustered, if not a little confused, by Sheryl's presence on his big meet-and-greet night as the "Bachelor" ... we're guessing, like many, that it's her granddaughter who'll really be vying for Ben's heart this season. Either way, we can't wait to hear Sheryl's full story, and to see if her connection to the show will spark a connection with Ben.

Until the "hometown visit" dates, grandma Sheryl!