'The Bachelor Canada' To Start In Fall 2012

Got room in your heart for one more Bachelor? What if he's a nice Canadian boy (again) this time around?

Yes, the enduringly popular reality show "The Bachelor" is coming to Canada this fall, "The Bachelor"s US host Chris Harrison announced this morning on Breakfast Television. Few details are available right now. The first Canuck Mr. Right has yet to be announced, and his potential leading ladies are yet to be cast.

We do know that the Canadian version will debut this fall with nine episodes, and that it won't interfere with our ability to view the US version, which is now in its 16th season on CityTV.

During his announcement, Harrison offered some advice to aspiring leading ladies: "Don't try to be the person you think the producers are looking for," he cautioned. "The people who are acting -- you see right through that."

"The Bachelor Canada" is set to premiere in Fall 2012.