'The Bachelor' Finale Watchers Ticked That Colton Underwood Won't Spill On Bed Romp

Some viewers wanted to know for sure if he lost his virginity to Cassie -- and they weren't satisfied.

“The Bachelor” concluded Tuesday with Colton Underwood persuading a hesitant Cassie Randolph to pursue a relationship with him, but tabling a rush to an engagement ― the expected endgame for the dating reality show.

However, the two did end up in bed on their fantasy suite date, leaving some fans to wonder if Underwood had lost his much-hyped virginity.

And they’re still wondering. “A gentleman never kisses and tells,” Underwood told the camera on the show. “But I do want you to know that I’m very happy and you can use your imagination.”

Nah, that didn’t do it for some, who tweeted furiously about the anticlimactic non-reveal.

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