'The Bachelor' Has 'Most Shocking Finale' In Jimmy Kimmel's Twisted Mind

The host snarkily summed up the real episode while taking creative license with the fate of Colton Underwood.

Jimmy Kimmel was recounting Part One of “The Bachelor” finale on Monday when tragedy struck on the reality dating show.

Thankfully it only happened in the darkly comic minds of Kimmel and Co., who reimagined the end in one hilariously horrible edit.

The late-night comedian also got down to the real goings-on in the show, from Colton Underwood’s dumping of Tayshia and Hannah G. to his undying love for Cassie, who already spurned him. (He eventually wound up at Cassie’s door to set up the conclusion on Tuesday.)

Confused? Don’t care? Just watch the punchlines above and forget reality TV ever existed.