Everyone Meet 'The Bachelor' Corinne's Little Sister Who Is Basically Her Clone

Sister sister!

If you’re watching this season of “The Bachelor,” there’s a pretty good chance you’ve witnessed the magic (and madness) that is Corinne Olympios.

The self-proclaimed multimillion-dollar business owner is easily the highlight of the season and the center of the drama that keeps us coming back for more every Monday night. Well, it appears Corinne has her very own brunette mini-she, her sister Taylor. 

Just look at them twinning all over social media.

She is a fun person...what can we do ?

A photo posted by TAYLOR OLYMPIOS (@tayoly12) on

C H I L L V i B e S

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••Game faces••

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Facial expressions on point ☝️ #spotted

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These two sisters look like the ultimate partners in crime. If things don’t work out between Corinne and Nick, we’d totally be down for a spinoff show featuring her and Taylor. 

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