The Bachelor Recap: Don't Let Them Take Away Your Sparkle!

roses  on the white  with place ...
roses on the white with place ...

This week on The Bachelor, the six women are flown to St. Croix for some fun in the sun, which leads to tears, screaming matches, and a (somewhat) wasted plane ticket.

Upon receiving the first one-on-one date card, AshLee squeals with excitement as Tierra mutters, "the cougar's back in town." Clearly, someone missed the "respect your elders" lesson in school that week...

Sean and AshLee swim out to the catamaran for some frolicking in the water. Prompted by Sean's questioning, AshLee reveals that there is, in fact, some drama in the house, mainly caused by Tierra.

Speaking of Tierra, she receives the next one-on-one date card back at the suite, and it says they'll be exploring the town. Because she's going to be hot and sweaty, will likely be attacked by bugs, and will have makeup running down her face, she pouts that that's not really the date she wanted. Sour grapes?

At dinner later that night, AshLee has one more thing she needs to tell Sean, and it could make or break their relationship. After hemming and hawing for a good 60 seconds longer than needed, she finally reveals that she was married when she was 17. She doesn't want poor decisions in her past to affect her future, but Sean says he likes her the way she is. Which causes her to stand on the table and scream, "I love you!"

Tierra, who becomes more "Tierrable" as the show progresses, puts on a happy face for her town tour date and experiences the local culture and food with Sean. After buying her a bracelet at the market and witnessing a parade (a real one, not the Tierra parade of emotions), Sean sits her down and asks if living in the house has become any easier.

"No," she says, and blames it on jealousy over the first impression rose. If that's what you need to tell yourself, girl...

During the evening portion of their date, Tierra confronts Sean about the awkwardness of the day, and he chalks it up to hearing about the drama in the house. Regardless, she says she cares for him a lot, and, after many pauses and deep breaths, that she's falling for him.

It's time for the group date (now whittled down to three gals!), and Sean, curious to see what they look like without makeup on, storms into the suite, snaps a few pictures of the sleeping girls (creepy?) and wakes them up for a 4am sunrise.

After the sunrise, they road trip across the island to chase the sunset. Des steals the most time with Sean along the way, but, once they settle down on the beach for some one-on-one time, all the girls open up.

Sean is amazed at his feelings for Lindsay, since he almost sent the crazy girl in the wedding dress home on the first night.

Catherine tells Sean if he meets her family, he won't be meeting her dad, since he's in China after battling depression and an attempted suicide.

Des gets super emotional talking about her family, saying she wants to be as happy as her parents.

Sean says he chose this trio of girls because they bring out the fun side of him, and he presents the rose to Lindsay.

Lesley scored the last one-on-one date, and Sean brings her to a picnic so they can just talk. He feels like their relationship is a bit behind compared to his other relationships and wants to see if there's potential here.

The entire date is awkward and uncomfortable. Sean asks Lesley if there is anything he needs to know before hometown dates, and she completely freezes up and suggests they go pick more fruit. She couldn't bring herself to tell him how she was feeling, and he realizes there was little affection and hardly any eye contact all day. Though they share one passionate kiss at the end of the date, it seems like Lesley bumped herself down a few notches in his book.

Sean decides he needs a little help, so he flies his sister, Shay, down to St. Croix for some advice.

While they're talking, Tierra and AshLee get into quite the screaming match. The fight starts because Tierra feels like the girls are sabotaging her relationship with Sean, but AshLee fights back that Tierra is rude, and she only told Sean what she sees on a daily basis.

Tierra says she isn't rude; she can't control her eyebrows and their expressions (yes, this was an actual part of the fight). AshLee makes a jab that even her parents know she doesn't get along with women, to which Tierra replies, "that's false - they just told me not to let anyone take away my sparkle." No one wants your sparkle, honey.

Sean decides to introduce Tierra to his sister and gain some female perspective, so he walks into the house at the exact second the fight subsides. He heads to the room where Tierra set up camp and finds her sobbing on her lone cot. Rolling his eyes (and finally getting tired of placating), Sean asks what's wrong.

"I'm just so sensitive and scared of this whole process," she wails.

Sean gets up, does a lap around the house, and comes back to the cot. He explains that he was going to introduce Tierra to his sister but had no idea this was going to transpire, and it's best if she goes home.

It finally clicked that she's not the one for him! 98 percent of The Bachelor-watching population cheers!

When asked if she'll be alright, Tierra gives a terse, "no," and gets into the car. In the ugliest of ugly cries, she sobs that she will never lose her sparkle, and she hopes the girls got what they wanted. (To get rid of her? Yes, success).

Shay is either sent home or allowed to lie on the beach, as her services were no longer needed.

Fast forward to the evening, where Sean struts in and announces Tierra's departure. He is not looking for a partner who causes drama (notably looking AshLee in the eye). There will be no cocktail party that evening, for he is confident in his decision.

Lesley sealed her fate when she refused to let her guard down, so she does not receive a rose. I was never a huge fan of their relationship -- I found it very bro-ey (the made-up handshake/chest bump upon meeting, the lack of physical connection as of late, the missing flirtiness).

And then there were four! We've got four hometown dates next week, and it looks like there's some major drama between Desiree's brother and Sean.

Were you glad Tierra was sent home? Do you think she's the type to come back!? Who do you think Sean sees himself with in the end? Leave me a comment!