People Freaked Out Over 'The Bachelor' Nick Viall's Turtleneck

"'This guy in a turtleneck is gonna give me my first orgasm,' said no one ever."

Spoilers ahead.

Contrary to popular belief, the biggest bombshell on Monday night’s episode of “The Bachelor” wasn’t Andi Dorfman’s visit, Raven’s orgasm confession or Corinne’s exit.

It was Nick Viall’s gray turtleneck sweater.

The sweater that rocked “Bachelor Nation” appeared as Viall and the remaining contestants visited frigid Finland. Much like the best “Bachelor” moments that came before it, we hit peak sound-off on Twitter faster than you can whip up a serving of cheese pasta.

Some demanded answers: Why the turtleneck? Others questioned whether a man in a turtleneck could bring any woman, specifically a woman who has never orgasmed, to climax. Others made some excruciatingly fitting ‘NSYNC comparisons that we can never un-see.

Check out all our favorite LOL-worthy tweets about Nick’s turtleneck below.

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