'The Bachelor' Monday Is Here, And So Are #Bachelor Tweets

Monday Roundup: Best #Bachelor Tweets

It's already been established that (some) smart women love "The Bachelor" and that there are a variety of rockin' "Bachelor"-watching parties said women can throw. However, even if you have a complete distaste for trashy reality television, you may be able to appreciate the entertainment value of Bachelor-related tweets.

The Queen of intelligent (and hilarious) #Bachelor tweeting has to be Jennifer Weiner, author of novels such as "Good In Bed" and "In Her Shoes." She live tweets every episode, spouting out gem-worthy commentary on the contestants, Bachelor Ben, the general ridiculousness of the show and the potential ramifications of watching with her daughter. ("Four-year-old pulled my highest heels out of the closet, announced 'When I am on the #Bachelor program, I will wear these!' #uhoh," she tweeted before last week's episode.) Other stand-out Bachelor tweeters include writer Jennifer Mendelsohn, Jezebel blogger Erin Gloria Ryan and host Chris Harrison -- among others.

In anticipation of the tears, roses and excess of white wine to come on tonight's episode of "The Bachelor" -- as well as the unquestionable bad hair days that Ben will have -- we've rounded up the best #Bachelor tweets from the last week. Enjoy.

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