7 'Bachelor'-Themed Valentine's Day Cards For The Ben In Your Life

Baby, let's go on a producer-planned dream helicopter ride.

First off: Ben, you are very lovable. You still have multiple beautiful women vying for your affection on national television, where millions nationwide can crush on your Indiana-grown abs and facial scruff. You're doing fine! But that doesn't mean you can't feel unlovable. We understand.

And when words aren't enough, perhaps its easier to say it with a card -- may we suggest one of these, inspired by the latest season of "The Bachelor"? Pocket them for next year's Valentine's Day, where you don't have the production team of a reality-TV show to remind you to be romantic.

If that wasn't enough "Bachelor" goodness, we suggest listening to HuffPost's "Bachelor" podcast, "Here to Make Friends," where hosts Emma Gray and Claire Fallon dissect each delicious episode. Listen below to their latest episode with Kristen Baldwin, where they talk pig group dates and the dreaded two-on-one from Monday's episode.

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