The Bachelor Week 2 Predictions and Week 1 Reactions

A pony, a unicorn and a flower walk into a house. That wasn't a joke, that's just a wrap up of last week's premiere of The Bachelor, which as always, did not disappoint. Ben Higgins, the newest bachelor, handled all the awkward moments, blatant interruptions and his first rose ceremony gracefully and even confronted some weird situations head on. Here is a look at some of the contestants from last week's episode and predictions and picks for who will get roses this week.


She'll be the manipulative, crazy one this season. If the producers have a pick for who stays, she is it. She went right in for a kiss in her introduction with Ben, then proceeded to drink too much in the house and talk smack about all the other girls. After Ben gave her a rose, she pulled him aside and questioned why he didn't look at her during the rose ceremony. So cringeworthy, I wonder who she'll pull aside and lecture this week!


She's stunning and seems like your normal news anchor, whatever that is, but from the previews it looks like the other girls are going to gang up on her. Unfortunately for her she got the first impression rose which will put a target on her back for a while.

The Twins

Let's be honest, it's going to be hard to tell them apart since they seem to pulling a Mary Kate and Ashley matching number, they even rode a two-seater bike and were doing choreographed hand shakes. If there is one thing that'll stop their BFF act it's dating the same guy. I can't wait to see how this all plays out.

Amber and Becca -- The Alums

If there is one thing a guy loves, it's a girl with experience, right? Amber and Becca, Bachelor alums from Chris Soules season, completely surprised Ben by showing up for another chance at love and I think they both have a good chance at lasting for a couple weeks.


Well for starters, she's adorable, and literally jumped into Ben's arms during her introduction. But there could be a bit of crazy to her since she apparently dumped her boyfriend back home to come on the show.

Lauren B.

Lauren B. is a gorgeous flight attendant who seems to be normal this early in the game. She had one of the more charming introductions giving Ben a pair of wings. Also she's one of the three remaining Laurens, try not to get too confused, there were four last week! Who knows if Ben sent home the right Lauren or if he was just trying to make things easier on himself.


Mandi could be our next Ashley S., from Chris Soules season. Mandi, a dentist from Portland, who wore a giant rose on her head and asked Ben to "pollinate her". I can't wait wait to hear what comes out of her mouth this season!


A Canadian who's friends with previous Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe, shocked Ben with her pickup line, "Kaitlyn told me you have a really, really, really big... heart." We think she might just stick around for a while.

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