ABC Appeared To Censor The Word 'Clitoris' On 'The Bachelorette'


On the June 1 episode of "The Bachelorette," there was a whole lot of talk about men's balls. But one moment that was too scandalous to air without bleeping out? A man using the word "clitoris" -- in the context of a sex-ed class.

Kaitlyn took six of her suitors on a group date (we use the word "date" loosely since very little about this setup seemed romantic) to an elementary school, where they were supposed to teach sexual education to a group of kids. The children turned out to be prepped child actors -- thank goodness -- who were being fed questions intended to make the guys squirm.

One of the boys in the class asks Ryan: "I've heard the word *bleep* used before. What is that?"

Ryan then answers: "So, *bleep* is probably, arguably one of the more important parts of the female anatomy, and if you want girls to like you, you should know where that is. It's what is stimulated on the female and that's what makes her want to have sex with you again."

Immediately, viewers guessed that the word being bleeped out was "clitoris," and wondered why it was deemed inappropriate for those watching to hear.

ABC declined to comment on the matter to The Huffington Post. We'd like to invite the producers of "The Bachelorette," the men who participated in the sex-ed date and everyone reading this to #GetCliterate. Life's too short to be scared of using the word "clitoris."

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