'The Bachelorette' Season 12 Episodes 3 & 4: The Chad Explodes

Male rage, male rage and more male rage.
Bros + Jojo + Football.
Bros + Jojo + Football.

Cool girl JoJo Fletcher is post-Ben, single and ready to mingle ... with 26 software salesmen, Z-list musicians and an erectile dysfunction expert ... on "The Bachelorette."

In this week's "Here To Make Friends" podcast, hosts Claire Fallon and Emma Gray recap the third and fourth episodes of Season 12 -- also known as the "Chaddageddon." We'll discuss Ben Roethlisberger's questionable cameo, the dudes' awkward sex stories and, of course, Chad's burning hot rage and dismemberment threats.

Writer Kevin Nguyen joins us to chat about Episode 3 and former "Bachelorette" contestant Michael Garofola jumps in for Episode 4, both to recap and share his insider knowledge of the dreaded 2-on-1 date.

Check out the full recap by listening to the podcast below!

Do people love "The Bachelor," "The Bachelorette" and "Bachelor in Paradise," or do they love to hate these shows? It's unclear. But here at "Here To Make Friends," we both love and love to hate them -- and we love to snarkily dissect each episode in vivid detail. Podcast edited by Nick Offenberg.

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