The Bad Pants Phenomenon

Trousers are back and they are back with a vengeance. They are unflattering, they are ugly and they are bad. And I'm into it.
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Something unusual is happening in the world of ladies' trousers. There is something in the air and a new age is dawning. Gone are the days of trousers solely to cover your bum without making it look any bigger than it actually is. They no longer exist purely to stop you being naked. Trousers are back and they are back with a vengeance. They are unflattering, they are ugly and they are bad. And I'm into it.

I like to think of these "bad pants" as symptomatic of a girl-style-revolution. We're no longer trying to wear clothes which are smart, nice, flattering. We (or, at least, I) want things which are challenging and dumpy, awkwardly shaped with baggy crotches and strange lengths. What started with "Mom jeans" has graduated into full blown clown pants. They are the future, people! The more "unusual" (or, as some dummies would say, "ugly") the better. My bad pants criteria are baggy in the butt, spacious in the leg and a few inches short of full length. Yours may be different, but they keyword here is (duh) bad.

A small fraction of my Bad Pant Collection.

The case for bad pants goes like this. They are much, much comfier than your regular pants, due to their baggy nature and commonly elasticated or tie waists. They are also cheap and all around you. I get most of my bad pants from thrift stores, rejected by grannies for being too ugly. Simply by taking a few inches off the bottom of a pair of baggy, shapeless trousers will turn them into "bad pants" -- as opposed to just bad pants. Bad pants also expose what is commonly the best part of any leg -- the upper ankle -- and really showcase shoes well. Also, they will trick everyone into thinking you're good at fashion, because no one who wasn't "fashion forward" would choose to wear those pants, right? Wrong, for all of the very valid reasons I have just put forth, but people just don't know that.

Bad pants are comfy, cool, cheap, easy and ahead of the curve. I honestly can't see what's not to love (except all of the comments from friends and loved ones that they hate your pants). But as I always say, if people don't like it, they just don't get it. Not everyone can be as cool, intellectual, comfortable and ahead of the curve as you. And that's ok.