The Bank of Me


Too often we think of success on a purely transactional basis; the bottom line is the be all and end all of the way we measure whether or not we have "made the grade." But our investment in the Bank of Life shouldn't just be about material the-bank-of-me wealth, or how we appear to other people. True success is not just about the transactions we make in terms of achieving the numbers, ticking off our business goals, getting to the last stages of the grand plan.

True success is when we are investing in our minds, our bodies and our souls; when we recognize that the biggest and brightest opportunities lie on the other side of stopping for a while, taking a big deep breath -- and resting. When we see that genuine growth only happens when we put some of our savings into ourselves.

Why? Because when we begin to self-care, there is a realization that by looking after ourselves, and managing our own energy, we are able to give so much more of ourselves to not only our own big picture vision, but our wider businesses, our teams, our friendships and our families.

How many of us actually embrace the upwelling of feeling that we must look after our minds, bodies and souls in order to function properly in a business environment? That wellness both mentally and physically is crucial to peak performance in the corporate or entrepreneurial thoughtspace?

How many of us invest in the Bank Of Me?

As Arianna Huffington shared in her book Thrive, well being is a critical pillar of success.

Too often our brains fill open to bursting point like a sponge that is heavy with water, one that desperately needs squeezing empty to enable it to be soaked up again with fresh water.

The power of reconnection, the power of conversation, the power of rejuvenation, the power of friendship and the magic of hanging with like-minded people who push you further than you ever thought, challenge your thinking, and who believe putting time and effort into a non-monetary investment is the most valuable one you can make.

Too often we are "so, so, busy". Too often we fall into bed at the end of the day exhausted, and drag ourselves out the following feeling unrefreshed and uninspired.

Too often we feel lonely and disconnected.

The key lesson for all of us is accountability. It is up to each of us to create the businesses we want, and the life we want. It is our choice to invest in ourselves, and ours to take the time to make that investment.

When we make that withdrawal, watch out world.

Marianne Williamson said:

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure."

I believe in this, and equally I believe that we have to bank on ourselves for the chance to make it happen.