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The Barnes & Noble Nook -- Shelly Palmer

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Vodaphone HTC smartphones have been shipped with malware. The report comes after Panda Security found the code inside the Android-based smartphone. The virus on the phone spread to PCs the phone
was connected to and may have aided in some cases of identity theft.

Barnes & Noble is developing an eReader application for the iPad. The app, which will mimic Barnes & Noble's Nook tablet, is expected to be available for the near the launch. The free application "designed specifically" for the iPad may help make the iPad a more attractive option than the Kindle. Or maybe not.

Apple is readying the 4th incarnation of its iPhone operating system. The new system may feature multi-tasking, an option that many iPhone users have been waiting patiently for. The iPhone 4.0 OS will reportedly allow users to run more than one app at the same time, giving them more control over their iPhone than ever before.

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