The Battle for a Compassionate America: We Cannot Lose Dennis Kucinich!

On Saturday morning, I hopped on a plane bound for Ohio and spent the day campaigning for the most important congressional member in America, Dennis Kucinich. I normally don't campaign for local elections, but because of re-districting Dennis is in a tight race with his Democratic colleague whose former district borders Dennis'. Now with one large district, two Democratic congressional members are battling for one seat, and according to the latest polls, it is very close. This election is not just about Ohio. This is about the survival of the American Progressive movement.

While we watch the Republicans try to drag our country further and further to the Right, there is no other congressmember who fights for a more compassionate America than Dennis. He wants everyone to have healthcare, affordable higher education and quality, sustainable jobs. During his entire political career, he has been a champion for peace and a powerful anti-war activist. He has shown compassion for the planet and all of the animals that inhabit it. He has stood up for the gay community and other under-served communities who often times are forgotten about on the House floor. He has always protected the rights of African-Americans and Latinos, even when it wasn't in his best "political interests." Dennis Kucinich is the People's Congressman. He cannot be bought and sold by any special interest group or any lobbying firm. He goes to work everyday for the people of his district and of this great nation. He has never taken for granted the rights he was given, as he has always fought for the rights of everyone.

I proudly stood by his side on Saturday in Lorain and Toledo, Ohio, and had the chance to meet with many of the people he will represent. This is not an election we can lose. If we want any future of a progressive, compassionate America, we must re-elect Dennis Kucinich. Call every person you know in Northern Ohio and let them that know that on Tuesday, March 6th they need to run, not walk, to the polls and vote for Dennis! And if they can bring 10 people with them, even better!