The Battle For The Soul Of The Anti-Anti-Trump Movement

This week on So That Happened: did CNN screw up by seemingly threatening to reveal the identity of a Reddit user who made a silly gif that President Trump tweeted? The Washington Examiner’s Tim Carney says the episode represents the kind of media excess that gives rise to Anti-Anti-Trumpism, a sort-of movement animated by the belief that Trump’s critics somehow lie more than Trump does. The Anti-Anti-Trump argument loses credibility, Carney says, the minute it serves as an excuse to avoid criticizing the president.

Meanwhile, Trump’s in Europe, possibly altering the United States’ role in the world. HuffPost White House correspondent S.V. Date joined us to talk about whether everything is truly as terrible as it seems and whether Trump could make it worse with his offhand tweets.

And HuffPost labor reporter Dave Jamieson explains the Trump administration’s recent moves to undo Obama’s effort to restore overtime pay for millions of workers.

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