The Beatles 2? James McCartney Hints At New Band With Sean Lennon, Dhani Harrison, Zak Starkey

McCartney's Son Hints At SECOND Beatles Band

Nothing may be sacred after all: Sir Paul McCartney's son James is interested in starting a second-generation Beatles band with John Lennon's son Sean, George Harrison's son Dhani and Ringo Starr's son Zak.

There's only one problem: they're out one drummer. Ringo's son Zak Starkey was not a fan of the idea. "I don't think it's something Zak wants to do," McCartney admitted, according to The Telegraph.

UPDATE: James McCartney has clarified his comments on his Facebook page:

Hi Everyone...well, looks like quite some attention being given to my BBC interview! Honestly, I was just thinking out loud about playing with Beatles family friends, nothing more. My band’s going to be on tour in the UK and US for most of this year, and the shows are going great! I'm so grateful…Lots of love to you all…!

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All of the aforementioned Beatle progeny have taken after their fathers. McCartney has played guitar on two of his father's albums, and is playing a show at the Cavern Club in Liverpool, where the Beatles cut their teeth.

Starkey has drummed for the likes of The Who and Oasis, Harrison is the frontman of thenewno2 and Lennon is a successful singer-songwriter in New York.

As for the chances of the band actually coming to fruition? McCartney says it's up to "the will of God" and "nature's support."

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