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The Beatles: The Rock Band Before They Recorded 'Lady Madonna' (PHOTO)

The Beatles are one of the most successful and critically acclaimed rock bands of all time. Their albums are sold all over the world, and they've built a cult-like fan base that is still unparalleled today. While it may seem as though the "Fab Four" easily rose to fame, they went through a couple group members, five or six band names and a few run-ins with the law before becoming the icons we've come to love.

45 years ago today (on Mar.13), The Beatles released "Lady Madonna" in the UK, which quickly became an international hit. (Can you believe it was recorded in just five takes?) In this 1962 photograph, we see band members Ringo Starr, Paul McCartney, John Lennon and George Harrison. The young stars all sport matching suits and ties (an ensemble that quickly became their signature) to go with their boyish good looks.

the beatles photo

Getty Images/V&A Images/Contributor

Click through the slideshow below for more photos of the band:

Photos courtesy of Robert Whitaker on behalf of LIFE Books

Rare Beatles Photos

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