The Beauty Beneath A Pre-Owned Accessory

Something old something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver six pence in your shoe.
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Something old something new, something borrowed, something blue and a silver six pence in your shoe. This is an ancient but popular rhyme that brides-to-be have come to love. It almost feels like I'm reading the time off my pre-owned Rolex, with the wind in my hair and the words in my heart and my arms locked in those of a loving gentleman.

I'm thrilled at the idea of longevity that comes with the sound of the first phrase, "Something old". This means that years will come and go, trends, fashion and exotic watches will pass but we will remain even after. No doubt, my intense love for antique pieces and wristwatches will remain with me.

A great number of ladies and I dare say men, don't toy with their antiques. Cars, watches, artworks, send a certain rush down some of their spines. I could write on all of these exciting artifacts but I'll just droll a little over the dainty piece called a wrist watch. Men and women have been adorning this accessory for years and though designs, brands and colour change from time to time, the love for the age long fashion piece hasn't eroded.

Interestingly wrist watches are recorded to have been first worn by women. Not to argue, but we must thank Peter Henlein who is often credited as the inventor of the watch. However, the rate at which these fashion accessories and bespoke artifacts increase in price or go extinct could be alarming. A Rolex watch is rumoured to sell for thousands of dollars and though there is a market for that bracket, some lovers of the Rolex would rather spend a little less on a watch.

No wonder 80% of Singaporeans who live in one of the most expensive cities, buy pre-owned goods. Indeed some would rather pass on wearing an item that has previously been worn. I must say, owning a pre-owned watch is a wise decision in the sacks. It saves your pocket and credit cards a little stress. Stores, both online and brick and mortar stores that sell these items should be tagged live savers. Not only is it cheaper, most often, its quality isn't compromised.

On the flip side, a Clement Messier vase lover, who may have searched through time to find a brand new version and given up, would be incredibly excited to see it in a collector's store. It's such an interesting concept to know that you could walk out of a store owning an Anglo-Indian ivory tortoise shell casket from the 19th century or a Rheinish Bellarmine jug from the 17th century when you thought you'd never see it. What a lovely experience that could be, having to carry such history in the pockets of your bag. There's an amazing rush that comes with being part of shared history. You may not be able to trace the history of the item but tales on the street could make your purchasing the item pretty exciting.

Though the 'something burrowed' poem speaks to brides-to-be, I can't help but believe something old, something new, or something borrowed could add some pence in your shoes.