The Beauty in Living From the Inside Out

Photo Credit Nic Askew |Soul Biographies

What does it mean to live life from the inside out?

When we live from the inside out, the noise of life has a way of falling away. What we are left with is a deep understanding and appreciation for who we are.

When we live outside of ourselves, life's uncertainties become unnerving and we can allow the opinions of others to cast a shadow on our truth.

Living our lives from the inside helps us be connected to who we are first and foremost. From this view, we give ourselves the gift of truly seeing the exquisite person that lives within. The beautiful thing about guiding our lives from this place, is that it's something everyone can do. There isn't a magic book or manual for getting to experience life in this way. It is just a matter of putting our attention there and choosing to see the moments before us through this lens.

Here are 3 simple reminders to connect back in to the amazing person you are. Perhaps they may entice you to see what the view is like from within.

1) Keep it Simple

The great news is we are always here, and therefore we have endless opportunities to connect to our inner spirit. I am coming to understand that less is more when it comes to connecting inward. It doesn't require special training, it's not something we need permission to do. Be still, remove the noise and there you will be. Well, you'll be there in the noise or the quiet. Sometimes the quiet just makes it easier to access that place when we've forgotten how simple it is to get there.

2) Embrace Uncertainty

Nobody truly knows anything, and everyone's version of truth and certainty differs. Subsequently, a great sense of peace can be found when we lean into uncertainty and let go of the need to control. Not needing to make sense of everything creates the space to see ourselves - it is powerful!

3) Enjoy the Ride

This is pretty self-explanatory. Joy is not something to be found or uncovered. It's here for us anytime we wish to access and experience the depth of its vibrancy. Just open to it and there it will be. A laugh, a smile, a twinkle in someone's eye, the beauty in the sky. It's there in everything around us and within us. We are all equipped with everything we need to enjoy the ride.

What might your ride be like when you live from the inside out?

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