The Beauty Industry Transformed By A Woman With A Genuine Consciousness For Planet Earth.

Lisa C. Alexander, founder of LAFACE, is a woman who understands the importance of women reaching the potential of their beauty. Not just by feeling beautiful, but by looking beautiful. She accomplished this by forming a skincare company that concerns itself with the welfare of our planet. Her motto, "Master the art of age reversal, through what nature has given and what science has perfected," is evident in all aspects of LAFACE. Coming from an agricultural background, Ms. Alexander had the inside scope on the harmful effects that certain ingredients have on skin complexion, as well as the harmful long-term repercussions these ingredients have on the environment. Realizing what was missing in the skincare market, this became Ms. Alexander's objective through genuine concern. Thus LAFACE was created - a skincare line that cares about the planet, and its clients. LAFACE Laboratories is an organic and natural skincare line committed to offering only the best products to its clients, while keeping our planet in the forefront of its purpose. The products are free of harsh chemicals, parabens, phthalates and sulfates, all harmful to the environment. Additionally, LAFACE has a commitment to never testing its products on animals.

"Creating beauty products that are effective is achievable without harming our environment, it takes extra steps and a big conscience, but it can be done," says Lisa. The LAFACE customers and extended clientele enjoy the line that shows results as they admire the LAFACE philosophy aimed at caring about the planet.

A quote from Spa Radiance in San Francisco reveals the importance LAFACE places on staying completely honest, while maintaining the integrity its clients have grown to love.

"Spa Radiance is proud to carry LAFACE by Lisa Alexander. Lisa started LAFACE from the ground up with a passion for skincare, and a tireless devotion. As a female-owned family business, we are honored to support women who are making a difference in the skincare industry. Lisa is always accessible to our staff for training sessions, and to our clientele whom love the fact that they can meet with her face-to-face getting her feedback and recommendations. LAFACE is the only skincare line we carry, in which our clients can have direct contact and build a relationship with the founder. This is so very important to give them not only a great product, but also a personal experience."

Lisa C. Alexander, a woman with a skincare line, who cares about preserving the planet - truly is a force of nature.

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