The Beauty of Self-confidence

It is interesting to me that given how unique we all are, being ourselves would be seen as a privilege, but instead, we live in a world where individuality is disregarded. We live in a world where self-consciousness, rather than self-confidence seems to be the norm.

I remember there was a point when I didn’t consider myself confident. I slowly learned to embrace the moments when I had doubts because it challenged me to look deeper within myself. I finally realized that there is a beauty in confidence. Only you can unlock your potential and share yourself with the world. You have to be comfortable with yourself because building self-confidence on the words and actions of others is like building something on rented land. The most important aspect of self-confidence is recognizing your worth, where you are, and where you want to be in life. You know that no matter what your dreams are, self-confidence is an important tool in getting there.

Everyone has their own definition of self-confidence, but to me it means:

You prioritize your own self-care.

You very well know that without a system to care for your mind, body, and soul, we have little to give to others. This starts internally. You try to improve yourself on a daily basis because you know that in order to be confident, you must love and accept your true self, and ultimately you must have the ability to always be yourself in both private and public settings. But where does that self-love come from?

It comes from:

Encouraging and inspiring others

You love watching people soar. You cheer on the accomplishments of others because you understand that there is no reason not to encourage and support them. Most importantly, you know that their success does not impede on your own goals; it highlights them.

Not taking things personally

You know that someone is bound to criticize you, but you are able to see criticism as more of a reflection of the speaker rather than yourself. You have learned to feel compassionate and move through criticism with grace. You realize that self-confidence takes practice, and you try to become the reason someone feels seen, heard, supported, and appreciated. You never waste your time trying to explain who you are to people, especially to those people who are committed to misunderstanding you.

Eliminating the negativity

You know that this certainly takes time and practice on your end, but it will make all the difference in the world. Instead of thinking of every bad thing that could potentially happen, you challenge yourself to think of good things that can come from any situation you are in. By being optimistic, you’ll realize how much more attainable things are without anything clouding your judgement. Once you start thinking positively, you put that into action and make it part of your everyday routine. You realize that self-love comes from understanding when a person or situation is toxic for you, and though it may be painful, you learn to let go. Regardless, you project love, affection, warmth, and positivity to others because it makes YOU feel good to spread the light to others.

Owning your feelings

You try to understand your emotions and own up to them because you know that the way to approach things certainly affects the outcome of the situation. You realize that hiding your emotions only makes it worse. When you find yourself stuck in a situation, you evaluate your attitude toward the situation. When you find yourself complaining, you shift your attention to solutions. If you’re taking things for granted, you humble yourself by expressing gratitude and giving back to others. Self-assured people take the opportunity to express themselves without blaming others and confirm that they are understood as well. Once you believe in the dreams your heart holds, you realize there is life after mistakes.

This self-love comes from realizing that the bigger picture always exists. When you are determined, fearless, and understanding, it can change your life, and this knowledge carries a confidence that cannot be duplicated.

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