The Beck's Urban Canvas Project

The Beck's Urban Canvas project currently in production is without question one of the coolest and most interesting arts-related events to occur in Miami in 2015 so far.

Twelve Miami-based street artists are painting 15 giant murals at selected locations in Little Havana, Little Haiti, Wynwood and Hialeah. There are already a few murals completed and for the next six weeks we can look forward to many more.

This is one of those "for Miami" "by Miami" "in Miami" occurrences that truly bring us together as a city.

People think Miami summer's are wack. Couldn't be further than the truth. Miami summer's are blazing. This is the time we come together and pay our dues Only In Miami.
Miami Street Art Scene is a Vibrant Collective

The Beck's Urban Canvas project combines corporate over-site and branding (and invaluable corporate money for artists) with community engagement, thus affording local artists, venues and organizations legitimate opportunities to continue to survive and even thrive.

Props to the Beck's Urban Canvas project.

For more details, please visit

The Beck's Urban Canvas project is curated by Wynwood Map, hands down our city's most trusted curators and docents for all things street art.

Miami artists in the project include: Trek 6, Don Rimx, Hoxxoh, Typoe, Jose Mertz, Tatiana Suarez, 2 Alas, Ernesto Maranje, Magnus Sodamin, Diana Contreras, Jessy Nite and Abstrk.

The Beck's Urban Canvas project will also come to life at special events.

They are creating special pop-up party experiences while supporting essential community programming such as Viernes Culturales in Little Havana, Big Night in Little Haiti, the Arts and Entertainment District, the Leah Arts District and Wynwood Art Walk.

This is legitimate.

Most of those organizations can use a little corporate love.

Furthermore, we caught up to the brilliant minds who birthed this project with Beck's.

Stephy Kass who represents Defy Media came into our studio to discuss all the wonderful sub-textual nooks and crannies of this amazing project. Listen to the below podcast and check out the photo-slide show below to see exactly what they are doing.

Also, follow the hashtag #becksurbancanvas for up to date info and media.

And check out their website of course!

They are splashing our city with splendor!

Without a doubt this project is the biggest street art thing happening this summer.

Go see the artists paint live! Say hi!

They'd love to see you!

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