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My Life of Autism and Asperger's Syndrome

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I recently watched a Mind Valley replay of the video of Arianna Huffington's speech to the Wisdom 2.0 Conference and loved it. Things she said resonated strongly with me. It takes most people a major trauma to shift their thoughts, words and deeds into the pathway of the Third Metric.

That is what happened to me and so she told me to email her to see if Huffington Post readers would like to know my story. It is already written up as an autobiographical trilogy and compendium they can get from Amazon. It has rocketed into the Amazon bestsellers list in my niche interest, Memoirs > Childhood Autism (CA) and Asperger's Syndrome (AS). I was shocked at so much pent up demand for this kind of information.

The books are, Dafydd Bach: Death of Innocence: The Beginning, Dafydd Bach: Death of Innocence: The Aftermath, Dafydd Bach: Death of Innocence: The Appendix; and Dafydd Bach: Death of Innocence: The Compendium. They are Kindle ebooks. I'm in the process of publishing a Create Space 'print on demand' paperback book version of the latter, and am just awaiting confirmation that what I have sent them is okay.

I live in the UK and my autobiographical works are presently all set in the UK. However, they contain lessons that are applicable the world over for they are based on my 20 years of coaching and counseling auties and aspies over the internet. The USA has been encountering rates of increase in auties and aspies of epidemic proportions. Maybe The Huffington Post could tell its readership about my books.

The reason that I refer to these books as being of niche interest is that I doubt everyone will be interested in them. Even with the epidemic, the proportion of the population who suffer with these conditions is still regarded as quite low, at around 1-2 percent. 1-2 percent of 95 million readers are 0.9 to 1.8 million. That is a large number of people who might want to know from my books what I know of CA and AS and how I have survived them.

April was Autism Awareness month, and the United Nations World Health Organization (UN WHO), on a petition signed by the USA, resolved to ratchet up its awareness of and support for improving scientific and anecdotal knowledge about these conditions. How the media handle reports containing references to them is also essential. There is a strong need for seeking improvement in the diagnosis and treatment of these conditions, in a more holistic fashion.

Last year the American Psychiatric Association dropped the label and the diagnostic characteristics of AS from its Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. Instead, it lumped the condition with three other Autism Spectrum Disorders under the generic name, Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Maybe this was in anticipation of the USA signing the petition to the UN WHO for a more holistic approach. Alternatively, maybe it was prophetic, who knows?
The change has already started having significant impacts on available scientific and anecdotal knowledge of these conditions in the USA. I have particularly in mind Penn State University's report of results of a research project they carried out into the propensity of children with ASD to contemplate suicide as a means of escape from this life-long, incurable, serious mental disease. New York City, State, and the US Federal Government have resolved to fund the provision of GPS tracking devices to monitor the whereabouts of incumbents of the disease who are vulnerable to wandering off/running away when their lives go egg-shaped, and in many cases, are later found dead from inexplicable causes.

I have known of these disturbing aspects of the disease for most of my life as I have engaged in them myself, and had close relatives that engaged in them. Additionally, I've been coaching and counseling other vulnerable auties and aspies in my own time and at my own expense for the past 20 years because public bodies all over the world seem completely oblivious to their vulnerability to these aspects.

It would, I am sure, be regarded as a great public service to the autie and aspie community around the world if the Huffington Post, and everyone, backed up the UN WHO resolution through whatever means are available to them. This would make it an active campaigner to bring these dreadful mental diseases under manageable control, to enable their incumbents to realize the meaning and purpose of the Third Metric in their lives. I see no good reason why they should be excluded from the vanguard of spiritual and intellectual transformation that is now under way.

If anyone can do it, Arianna can. The number of autie and aspie lives that The Huffington Post affects will be a barometer of global-shift.