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The Benefit of Down Time: When You're Too Fried to Function

It is only in the quiet center of your knowing self that you will find your truth and the keys to your highest good.
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Harried, hurried, pushed to the max number of activities with every last moment of our day, many of us become so burnt out and disconnected from ourselves that even though appearances may deceive, we are barely functioning. Taking time out for yourself to do absolutely nothing is a key component of self-awareness, self-renewal and self-actualization.

It is only in the quiet center of your knowing self that you will find your truth and the keys to your highest good. In the midst of too much noise, constant bustle and incessant contact, you will forget which voice is the right voice, will be talked over or into submission and will lose sight of your true self.

Your true self is the only gauge of health and happy truly capable of guiding you to your highest potential. Without tuning in and touching base here in the quiet, without reflecting on your subtler spaces, you will remain disconnected from center and self. No amount of success or material abundance can replace this sense of being in you as you.

Accepting yourself as enough is the first place to find your quiet. We run around all day searching for an external answer to an internal problem. We are so wrapped up in the notion that something outside of ourselves will balm the wound sufficiently, so we won't have to feel the separation from divinity that has arisen from a failure to check in, connect, listen, pray. We need to dive in, delve into the muck and mire, through the resistance to the tough stuff and into raw and real.

It is only in the raw and real of "I am" that we will be completely revealed to ourselves and those around us. If you can be no other than you are, you can do your best by breathing the "I am" sense as deeply into your being and consciousness as you can. Revel in the sense of being rather than doing.

You are, according to John Salat of the Orange County Reiki Center, a human being, not a human doing.

Take some time to be as you are. Learn to accept, love and celebrate that everything you've gone through and every experience leading you to this place is absolutely perfect. You are as you should be.

Releasing the anxiety and fear of needing to do so many things at once, you will find your sense of "I am" and learn to play in the energy and joy of celebrating your unique life force. Accepting yourself as you are, as that's all you can ever be is the most liberating sense. Your spirit receives renewal the instant you free your soul to reach for the deepest "I am." Sometimes, there is a mourning or a letting go required. You may feel resistance or a hitch on your way down into your quiet. Do not run. Do not push too hard with your judge. Sometimes this is uncomfortable. Try to reframe it in a loving way and to accept yourself as the incarnate human miracle that you are.

Give your spirit the rejuvenation and attention it deserves. Treat yourself with the same measure of love and reverence that you would any other being that you care for. Give yourself the blessing of time with yourself. Be blessed and loved as you are.