The Benefits of Marketing Your Business on Instagram (Infographic)

With more than 500 million active monthly users that create over 95 million pieces of content every day, Instagram presents a huge marketing opportunity for businesses. Yet, many businesses aren't active on the social network, taking advantage of the organic possibilities.

For those working with a decent monthly digital marketing budget, Instagram also offers a self-serve advertising option, which utilizes Facebook's attractive targeting options. Advertisers can select from three ad formats: photo, video or carousel.

Instagram's content is visual, which is an advantage over other advertising options, because 40 percent of consumers respond better to visual information than plain text. If you are still on the fence regarding Instagram as a viable marketing option, check out the infographic below from Buzzoid, which highlights the many benefits of leveraging Instagram as a marketing channel.

Jonathan Long is the Founder & CEO of Market Domination Media®, an online marketing agency that provides SEO coaching and online marketing consulting. Jonathan also created EBOC (Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Community), a private business forum. Follow him on Twitter.