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The Best Active Adventures: Wanderlust for Weekend Warriors

Long gone are the lazy days by the pool sipping Piña Coladas and gaining holiday pounds. There's a new wave of travelers in town and they're running, cycling, and paddling their way around the world's greatest wonders.
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Long gone are the lazy days by the pool sipping Piña Coladas and gaining holiday pounds. There's a new wave of travelers in town and they're running, cycling, and paddling their way around the world's greatest wonders. For weekend warriors and avid athletes, vacation can offer time to work on your sport, while also traveling the world. Scott Stohler, co-founder of fit travel blog, Roamaroo, says, "the active person spends their 9-5 cooped up in a cubicle so when it's time for a vacation, they don't want to spend it sitting around. They want to go out into the world and explore in an adventurous way." Whether you're a road racer or a mountain lover, a water baby or a ski bunny, your active dream vacation awaits.

For the cyclist: Known as the "World's #1 Active Travel Company," Backroads leads cycling trips (as well as multi-sport adventures) around the globe. From biking the Balinese rice paddies to exploring the culture of Cuba, adventuring through the dazzling Dolomites to discovering the enchanting Atlas Mountains of Morocco, Backroads Travel has a location to match your every daring desire.


For the Active Family: Costa Rica is known for its wildlife and wild lives. Leading the adrenaline junkie pack is Diamante Eco-Adventure Park. From the world's longest ocean view zip line to beach horseback rides, jungle mountain biking to ATV'ing, surfing to kayaking, Diamante Eco-Adventure Park has it all. When you're done adventuring, take the family over to their animal park where you can play with sloths, monkeys, and local toucans!


For the hiker: Explore the beautiful national parks with the leader in outdoor adventures, REI Adventures. With epic destinations like Zion National Park in Utah or Yosemite in California, REI Adventures organizes 5-star hiking trips to all of the nations top mountains. If you're craving something international, they also book hiking trips to Argentine Patagonia.


For the Sailor:
If your idea of active adventure involves great big sails on the high seas, look no further than a social sailing trip with friends. For a week of fun in the Mediterranean sun, book a trip with The Yacht Week, a leading group sailing company booking trips around the world. With destinations like the Greek Islands, Aeolian Islands in Italy, and Croatia, The Yacht Week is the ultimate summer sailing trip. The Yacht Week also has sailing trips out of the British Virgin Islands and Thailand in the winter months.


For the Yogi: If you really want to zen out on vacation, join The Trip Tribe on one of their many yoga retreats around the world. Wanderlusting yogi's can downward dog and asana in a jungle bungalow in colorful Costa Rica, magical Mexico, or marvelous Marrakech, Morocco. Have no one to travel with? No problem! The Trip Tribe blends social media with travel, connecting you with liked-minded individuals who are looking for fitness fun around the world.

For the Diver: Fly down to The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador for an unforgettable expedition cruise with National Geographic Expeditions. On a small ship of less than 100, you'll be able to cruise into all of the nooks and crannies of Darwin's "living laboratory." Dive with marine iguanas, hammerhead sharks, and cheeky sea lions on this once in a lifetime adventure trip.


For the Snow Bunny: The Ski Week is the new brainchild from the makers of The Yacht Week. If you prefer your adventures traversing down a Swiss mountain with freshly packed powder over a cocktail on a beach, then The Ski Week should be your next vacation venture. Spend your days meeting new friends from around the world as you ski down the world's most elite mountains. The après ski scene may be just as aggressive as the mountains.

For the CrossFitter: If you're a CrossFitter, chances are that you can't go a week without a WOD. That's why Destino Retreats put together CrossFit retreats where you can burpee, squat, and jump your way through a week of extreme workouts on an epic beach. With destinations like Cabo San Lucas and Mexico, you'll get your vacation fix while WOD'ing in paradise!


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