The Best America's Next Top Model Yet

America's Next Top Model Cycle 20 was the first time ever to introduce male models in the notorious show. The show would never be the same for not only the contestants. but also the audience. And for months, we have seen the cast grow, get close, fight and get eliminated.

From the beginnings of the Masquerade Ball Fashion show drama pairings to the finale in Bali. America's Next Top Model has been this greatest and most entertaining cycle yet. Also, not only were the judges like Tyra Banks, Kelly Cutrone, BryanBoy and Rob Evans in charge of deciding who stayed and who went out but, social media and the public voting became a great factor and impacted the eliminations and the overall program.

With guest appearances from Paul Marciano from Guess, supermodel Jessica Hart and Brazilian bombshell Alessandra Ambrosio, this season was epic, full of opportunities and a lot of behind-the-scenes model scandals. This year's prize was a modeling contract with renowned NEXT Model Management, a spread with Nylon magazine and a $100,000 campaign with Guess.

The big question of every episode was, "How in the world can a male go against a female?" This question was constant and always at the top of my mind. And with every episode leaving me on the brink of my seat, all I wanted was to know where these cycle would unfold.

All the judges had answered the question constantly stressing that it isn't whether the model is a female or a male but how this person can successfully market any brand or company and successfully sells it to the customer. This is when I realized that PR Kelly Cutrone was correct and I was seeing this in the completely wrong perspective because, in order to successfully judge the model; it had to be based on the individual persona, their skills and what he or she brought to the table.

After all, that is what a model is: a three-dimensional, breathing display compelling you to buy what he or she is wearing.

From nail art beauty shots, splashing paint, animorphs with all the different endangered species, flying to Bali, to shooting with Tyra, this season had everything in more where there were moments of laughter, happiness, compassion, anger, sadness and numerous yelling rants at the TV.

You can say it was the most wild at the model house with all the guys being what they are best: boys. To the heart to hearts, the backstabbing, fierce competition and the revelation of who was really on your side must have been stressful.

How only Chris and Mike were on Jourdan's Sunrise Smize Catwalk Crew? That was disappointing and quite astounding because, we all know the feeling where no one choses you in P.E. because, you aren't the best? That was exactly what Jourdan was feeling. With everyone turning against her it made me root for her to win now more than ever. She accomplished her dreams and proved everyone wrong and was the winner of America's Next Top Model. It was well-deserved since Jourdan is talented, young, full of hope and a newfound inspiration for all women. She overcame barriers far greater than you would ever know and excelled in accomplishing every one of her set goals.

As much as Tyra, the fans and I wanted a male to win America's Next Top Model (and because of my secret rooting for Marvin), you have to admit Jourdan had a lot to say and she was not even talking; her photographs, walk and smile said it all.

Jourdan Miller was ultimately your next-door brunette who had something special in her and was transformed into a gorgeous, blonde ANTM supermodel, who will most definitely go far in the fashion industry.

Entirely, America's Next Top Model 2.0 was the best cycle yet including guys and girls filled with high fashion, hate, romance, plot twists, friendships and battle of the sexes. It was refreshingly entertaining. It was a blissful ending, where Friday's are no longer reserved for America's Next Top Model. I greatly question how they will ever be able to top this year? Until next year #ANTM but, until then if you think you have what it takes to be a model on Cycle 21 apply now.