The Best Art Show in California.

I used to live at The Brewery a few years back and it's a damned fine place to live. There's just over 300 artists lofts covering 18 acres and packed with creative energy, all built within what used to be the old Pabst Brewery, located just northeast of downtown Los Angeles.

The Brewery Artwalk has been going for almost 30 years and is the largest Artwalk Los Angeles. LA Weekly called The Brewery, "The world's largest artist-in-residence community."

"There is no better way to introduce people to your art then to have them come through your studio. Many of my sculptures are just too big and heavy to take out to galleries, so this allows me to show off those pieces. People like to see the workshop and get a peek into the behind the scenes world of the artist as well." - Bruce Gray, artist.

"The Brewery Artwalk is a blast. As a resident, it's really fun walking around the old beer brewery and seeing how the other artists live and work. The art is high quality and you can often get great deals face to face. Totally recommend if you're looking for a relaxing, creative weekend." - Kristine Schomaker, artist.

I haven't missed one of these in 6 years and I won't be missing this one.

The Brewery Artwalk - Spring 2013
April 27 and 28
11 am - 6 pm
Food and drinks available at Barbaras Restaurant.

Free and open to the public at The Brewery Arts Complex

Enjoy your visit to the Brewery


The Brewery Artwalk ~ Spring 2012