Adrian Lester: Best Robert in Stephen Sondheim's 'Company'

Phone rings, door chimes, in comes Stephen Sondheim's Company! Please let me know in the comments your favorite Bobby.

I appreciate everyone's sincere feedback so far. I encourage you to please engage in this discussion. I am watching the Sam Mendes production right now and Amy is about to not get married! This song can make or break my critique. Did you know it's even faster than Guns and Ships from Hamilton?

Jon said

"Raul's Bobby was robbed of the Tony. I saw it in Cincinnati and on Broadway and it was just devastating. I've seen the tape of the original cast recording and the national tour that was one of the first in the library at Lincoln Center. I didn't like the Ken Cen version much; the book scenes worked but the musical choreography was weak. NPH and the recent cast were strong, but my favorite as a whole is Sam Mendes production starring Adrian Lester, whose .... fueled 2nd act opener blew me away. It's available in it's entirety on You Tube and a most interesting take."

Debra weighed in "I've only seen Raúl Esparza and Neil Patrick Harris as Bobby. Esparza's performance is heartbreakingly beautiful. I've never seen (or felt) a performance quite like it."

If you're NY1 trash like me, you'll love this throwback interview about Company:

Any Broadway buff owns multiple versions of the same musical. My collection is on iTunes because Apple TV is easy. It is a shame I cannot put my movie collection, which includes Les Mis x2 and the Miley Cyrus Bangerz Tour, on display. I prefer the 20th Anniversary Concert Les Misérables with Norm Lewis:

I have already watched Raúl Eduardo Esparza as Bobby this week. For no real reason, I decided to switch it up and put on the Neil Patrick Harris version of Stephen Sondheim's Company. This NPH version has Stephen Colbert and Patti LuPone. The audience is more noticeable in the latter, a circle theatre. Which is your favorite? Have you seen the show live? I'm jealous. Please let me know in the comments your favorite Bobby.