The Best CBD Lotion For Pain Is Now Available At Sephora

We've tried the celebrity-endorsed brand and we love it, too. Here's why.
Lord Jones

Get ready to take your beauty routine to new highs.

Lord Jones, one of the leading creators and distributors of CBD-infused products, is now widely available at Sephora.

Long-time users of CBD lotion for pain, arthritis, sore muscles, period cramps and other skin and body ailments can now find the cult-beloved Lord Jones’s High CBD Formula Body Lotion alongside their favorite eye creams and long-lasting concealers on Sephora’s website.

“We are overflowing with pride and deeply honored to be the first and only CBD brand on Sephora,” according to the brand’s Instagram post about the news. “Thank you Sephora for your bold vision to make these healing products available to your audience.”

Cannabidiol — or CBD — is the non-psychoactive ingredient in the marijuana plant. These days, people turn to CBD-infused lotions, oils, chewables and other products for all kinds of reasons, whether it’s to ease stress and anxiety or to give their sex lives a boost.

On the other hand, THC — or tetrahydrocannabinol — is the chemical responsible for most of marijuana’s psychoactive effects. The biggest difference between the two? THC gets you high while CBD doesn’t.

“It pumps out in measured doses, smells deliciously herbal and verdant, and feels slightly numbing, in the best way possible.”

In fact, I’ve been using Lord Jones’s CBD lotion for nearly a year and can’t recommend it enough to people with chronic pain, sore joints, arthritis and other body woes. I have tendonitis in both knees and use Lord Jones’s lotion to ease the pain and inflammation. It pumps out in measured doses, smells deliciously herbal and verdant (I use the signature scent), and feels slightly numbing, in the best way possible.

It’s the one gift I consistently recommend for older parents that they’ll actually use. If a friend is embarking on a challenging fitness journey, I habitually spew the good news of Lord Jones to repair their inevitably sore, stiff muscles.

If my gospel isn’t enough, A-list celebrities like Chelsea Handler and Busy Philipps swear by the anxiety-calming, pain-relieving benefits of Lord Jones’s products. It’s even one of Olivia Wilde’s go-to products that she says makes her skincare routine “a political act.”

Though Lord Jones does create all kinds of CBD products like pain and wellness tinctures, old-fashioned gumdrops and dark chocolate espresso chews, for now you’ll only find their pain and wellness body lotion at Sephora for $60.

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