The Best Coconut Water: Our Taste Test Results (PHOTOS)

We're at a loss when it comes to figuring out why people like this stuff.

Coconut water has grown in popularity over the past couple of years, boasting health benefits and becoming the new "healthy" replacement for sports drinks. Everyone's drinking it. Rihanna's drinking it. It's even being supplied in our office's free vending machines. We just have one question:

WHY? The flavor of coconut water has never appealed to us here at HuffPost Taste, so we decided it's about time we opened our minds and our taste buds to its possibilities. The best way to do that? In our world, the answer is always a taste test. We gathered 12 major brands of coconut water, tasted them blindly, recorded our thoughts, and ranked them. We even brought in outside editors for help, hoping to offset our prejudicial scores.

Turns out, everyone pretty much hates most coconut water. There were a couple decent brands in the bunch, but we're going to do you a favor and tell you which brands were absolutely wretched. A few of the lowlights: "Tastes like rotten old plant water that results after leaving your flowers in a vase for way too long." "Tastes like motor oil. I gagged." "DEAR LORD, MURDER ME."

Please, please, please ... leave us comments below and let us know what you think about coconut water.

As always, this taste test is in no way influenced or sponsored by any of the brands involved. Nor any others, for that matter.

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#1: Vita Coco

Coconut Water Taste Test

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