The Best DIY Facial for Healthy Glowing Skin

 The Best DIY Facial for Healthy Glowing Skin
The Best DIY Facial for Healthy Glowing Skin

DIY facials are so relaxing and therapeutic. They are easy to do and the results can be instantly visible. When repeated over time facials can improve the appearance and texture of your skin. They can also increase your general well-being as looking good always leaves you feeling better!

So take some time out to pamper yourself with this relaxing six step facial at least once a week. You’ll be amazed by the results.

Facials are an important part of any skin care regime as they not only cleanse, hydrate and exfoliate the skin but also improve the blood’s circulation, which can assist with slowing down the ageing process by reducing fine lines, dark circles and eye puffiness.

Facials are also great for combatting acne and black heads as they unblock the pores and release toxins.

For a home facial, you will need:

  • Soap / Cleanser 
  • Facial Scrub
  • Massage Oil (there are several types of oils you can choose, from vitamin E oil to almond oil, all of which can be used alone or as carrier oils infused with your choice of aromatherapy oils or herbs.) 
  • Towel
  • Bowl
  • Cotton Wool
  • Face Mask
  • Moisturizer (I find oils to be the best form of moisturizer as they provide all of the nutrients and antioxidants needed to benefit the skin. From almond oil to vitamin E oil, there are several different types and you’ll find that your skin will let you know which one is the best for you!)
  • Toner 

(Take a look at ‘The Amazing Benefits of Avocado for the Skin and Hair‘ post for some avocado rich home-made beauty recipes to include in the above list.)

Step One: Cleanse

Starting from the neck upwards, massage in the soap (with cotton wool if using cleanser), using firm, circular movements (and with as many pieces of clean cotton wool as necessary). Be extra careful not to drag the skin around the eyes.

If you have spots, be sure to stick with soap and water. I personally prefer soap and water as I feel that this cleanses my skin more thoroughly.

There are a wide range of organic, natural soaps available from specialist herbalists. When using soap, be sure to thoroughly rinse with warm water as this helps to open up the pores in preparation for step two.

Follow up with a facial scrub to further cleanse away any dead skin cells. A mixture of green tea, sugar and honey makes for a wonderful natural scrub, as does avocado, oatmeal and honey (especially for dry skin). 

Step Two: Steam

Steaming opens up the pores and so releases clogged up grime and make up. 

It makes the skin sweat so that toxins can escape. Therefore, it can be very effective against acne and blackheads. Hold your head over a bowl of boiling water, and cover yourself completely with a towel. Stay under for five to ten minutes. (Five for dry, ten for oily.

Different herbs, leaves and aromatherapy oils known to assist in improving the skin can be added to the bowl beforehand. Peppermint leaves are excellent for tackling oily skin and acne whilst rose petals are great for soothing dry skin.

Once you’ve finished, pat your face dry with clean cotton wool.

Step Three: Massage

A massage is a luxury in itself. It relaxes you, improves circulation (which helps heal spots and fights the signs of ageing), and further releases toxins. 

Proper aromatherapy oils help control skin problems. Rose geranium aids dry skins, whilst lavender and carrot oil can help acne and spots. Be sure to mix any essential oil with a carrier oil such as jojoba or avocado oil.

The massage strokes should be small, circular movements, smoothing upwards and outwards. Continue the massage for about fifteen to twenty minutes or until you feel totally relaxed.

Below is a wonderfully, relaxing technique that I know you’ll love…

  • Start from the base of the neck and work upwards, using small, firm, circular movements. Then gently push upwards over the cheeks and from the brow to the temples.
  • Close your eyes. Cover your eyelids with your three middle fingers, pressing gently on the sides of the nose. Hold for a count of ten. Rest and repeat. Pinch your eyebrows to further relax any tension.
  • Place the fingers of both hands in the centre of the forehead. Press firmly for a count of ten then move them slowly outwards. Rest and repeat.
  • Place both thumbs, one on top of the other, on the point exactly between your eyebrows. Hold for a count of ten. Rest and repeat.
  • Finally, give your face a workout! Squint and wrinkle your nose and screw your face up tight. Open your eyes and mouth as wide as possible. Finish with a mighty grin, knowing that as silly as you’ve just looked, the result is younger, tighter looking skin!

Step Four: Masque

Face packs leave your skin glowing and feeling super soft. They stimulate circulation and lift off dead skin cells.

Smooth your choice of masque on, avoiding your eyes and mouth.

Leave on for the recommended time or until dry.

Relax fully, preferably lying down. If the mask stings then rinse off immediately.

Step Five: Tone

Toning completes the cleaning process. Toners counteract the alkaline effect of soaps and cleansers to establish the correct PH balance of the skin. It also clears away the last trace of grease and dead skin cells.

Toners do not actually close the pores – that happens in the skin’s own time – but they do prepare the skin for moisturizer, making it feel cool and refreshed.

Apply morning and night after cleansing.

Witch hazel is an excellent toner, with antioxidants that minimise the pores as well as tannin to reduce swelling and puffiness. However, if you have sensitive skin, cold water works effectively in toning the skin and, with repeated use, can actually assist in slowing down the ageing process.

Step Six: Moisturize

Moisturizer does not actually add moisture to the skin, but it does act as a barrier to adverse weather, wind, pollution and central heating, as well as prevent the skin’s natural moisture from escaping. This protection helps to maintain smooth and healthy skin.

Gently massage moisturizer onto the face with clean fingertips twice a day. Apply moisturizer to slightly damp skin to seal in the moisture.

As you well and truly know by now, I cannot go on enough about the benefits of using oil as a moisturizer. 

They moisturize, reduce wrinkles and fine lines as well as condition the skin.

Not only effective for dry skin, they can assist in combating oily skin whilst minimising acne.

Carrot oil and jojoba oil are effective on oily and spot prone skins, whilst avocado oil and vitamin E oil works wonders on dry skin.

So there we have it.

A wonderful six step facial that will not only leave you feeling totally relaxed and chilled but also with refreshed, clearer and brighter skin.

Give this facial a go and let me know how you found it by leaving comments.

Be sure to continue to read my beauty posts on how to achieve wonderful clear skin, the natural way.

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