The BEST Exercise Ever ... Guaranteed!

The BEST Exercise Ever ... Guaranteed!
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Best Exercise Ever

Just out of curiosity, I wanted to see the exact words and phrases people these days are searching about fitness and weight loss. I logged into my Google Ad Sense account and typed in terms that I suspected to be highly searched on Google. For those of you who don’t know, this is how you can search roughly how many people, each month, are searching certain words through the Google search engine. I typed in things like “fat burn, lose weight, six pack, drop fat, gain muscle” and combinations like these. Other than being amazed at how many people monthly spell “lose” with two Os, I was shocked to see the trend of how many people each month are looking for some sort of new fitness quick fix secret and the “easy way” to lose weight. What’s the “easiest” way to become a millionaire? Well, win the lottery… but is that realistic?

Ropes? Kettlebells? Spin bike? What is the single BEST exercise... None of these actually
Ropes? Kettlebells? Spin bike? What is the single BEST exercise... None of these actually

“Fastest way to lose weight, lose weight without cardio, burn fat without exercise, lose tummy fat in a week.” These are seriously highly searched terms each month which means that there are numerous people out there sitting behind the screen of a computer, obviously not satisfied with the physical state they are in, yet not motivated enough to actually do the work to make the change they “so deeply desire.” They want the easy way out. One search term combination that popped up often and got me thinking, would always start with “best exercise for *blank*“ and then input the persons goals. Best exercise for fat loss, best exercise to lose arm fat, best exercise to tone legs, whatever. This got me thinking. Firstly, that people are very misled and think that repeating one exercise over and over will create dream results. Insert Albert Einstein Insanity Quote here, but I actually asked myself, if someone hypothetically questioned me, what is the best exercise ever … what would be my answer? This is like the, if you had to listen to one song forever, or could only eat one meal for the rest of your life, type hypothetical question but I gave it some pondering and eventually I figured it out!

The answer? Well … you don’t even need to step in a gym or sweat to work this muscle!

The best exercise ever if you are looking to lose weight without a doubt, is reading. Yes. Reading. Let me explain why! Seeing the search terms of what people are researching in regards to fitness, proves to me, in a few simple words, how little these people know about how the body functions, repairs, burns and stores energy. Majority of the reason that people hire personal trainers comes down to 2 things. Lack of motivation and lack of knowledge.

Did you know, many people, and even some “fitness professionals” are unaware that you cannot target where your body burns fat? Therefore so many people become disgruntled when the 500 sit ups they are doing every night results in no visual difference in their waist line. If this person had educated themselves on knowing that the body burns as a whole and in order to bring down your belly fat, you have to bring down your body fat, they would not be crunching their way to disappointment. Educate yourself on how your body works, what exercises you are doing, and why you are doing them in the first place!

This not only applies to exercise. Educating yourself about diet is probably even more important. I would say that approximately 60% of your success or failure lies in what is done outside the gym, and in the kitchen. You can burn as many calories as you like, but no matter what, if you have a surplus of calories at the end of the day, you will not lose weight. Fact. One of the most positive things to see with people who take this serious piece of advice, is the positive momentum it creates. People naturally like to put things to the test, and when someone finds a new exercise, a new tip, or bit of diet advice, and see results from it, that motivates them to keep educating themselves, keep growing and progressing.

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Give your brain a workout. Remember, friends never let friends skip Brain Day.

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