The Best Fall Beers for 2016...No Pumpkin Spice Allowed

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If, like us, you are already sick and tired of pumpkin spice everything, then here is your frothy salvation. These breweries know that beer is anything but basic, and are crafting some great brews with no hint of the orange gourd.

The Bruery: Autumn Maple

Placentia, California

The Bruery knows that there are two kinds of people: those who love pumpkin everything, and everyone else. This beer is made for everyone else. This dark ale is brewed in the same way as pumpkin beers, but with....wait for it...yams! Somehow, it manages to not be too sweet, even with maple, cinnamon and cloves help balance it out.

Upland Brewing: Oktoberfest

Bloomington, Indiana

Upland brews a delicious Bavarian-style lager, perfect for a fall day - or, a Notre Dame tailgating party.

Deschutes Brewery: The Hop Trip

Portland, Oregon

Leave it to Portland to do things differently: this pale ale is brewed with fresh instead of preserved hops, and packs a citrusy and fall spice punch.

Revolution Brewing: Oktoberfest

Chicago, Illinois

Revolution's got a definite edge on the American fall beer game: this German-style brew is made with Hallertau Gold hops, which are only grown on one farm in Bavaria.

Founders Brewing: Harvest Ale

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Founders Brewing mixed stone fruits, hops, and toasted malt to create their seasonal, harvest-inspired ale. Points for no pumpkin.

Thomas Hooker Brewing Company: Octoberfest

Bloomfield, Connecticut

An exclusive, seasonal lager that tastes like caramel and toasted malt, the brewers only make this available from Labor Day until October 31st each year.

Heavy Seas Brewing: Märzen

Halethorpe, Maryland

Heavy Seas followed in German beermasters' footsteps with this aptly-named märzen beer (märzen beers are named for the month - March - in which they've historically been brewed.) The well-aged amber is toasty, biscuity, and slightly sweet - and available year-round, but tastes best in fall.

Rogue Brewery: Rogue Hazelnut Brown Nectar Ale

Portland, Oregon

You could say they went
: this hazelnut-ty, toasty brown ale is warm and smooth, a perfect accompaniment to those chilly fall nights.

Ballast Point Brewing: Dead Ringer Oktoberfest

San Diego, California

Fall in San like summer everywhere else. San Diegans are still at the beach, for crying out loud. So Ballast Point knew not to make a heavy ale - instead, their subtle flavor blend of fall spices, toffee, and stone fruits make this medium-bodied brew perfect for the mild temperature drop and dry Santa Anas. Plus, it's only 5.7% ABV, so you can down a few at the beach. Well played, Ballast Point, well played.

Founders Brewing: Sumatra Mountain Brown

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Hailing from one of the coldest states in the nation, Founders knows how to make a versatile beer that's perfect for cold weather - meaning, it's good for fall AND winter. And a blend of caramel, chocolate malt, and rich Sumatra coffee (bonus!) is a delightfully heady, smooth, and oh-so-comforting seasonal brew.'s mission is to help people find great places to stay, eat and play that are perfect for them. Find more breweries with awesome fall beers by downloading the mobile app for iPhone and Android. This article was originally published on the blog.