The Best Father's Day Gifts For The Dad Who Misses Going Out To Eat

If your dad's missing his favorite restaurant, these Father's Day gifts will give him restaurant-worthy meals at home.

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These kitchen gadgets and tools double as Father's Day gifts for the dad who's practically a chef. 
These kitchen gadgets and tools double as Father's Day gifts for the dad who's practically a chef. 

If your dad is talking nonstop about how he misses his favorite restaurant ― from their freshly grated parmesan on pasta to those little packets of sugar on the tables ―you might be looking for a Father’s Day gift that will help his restaurant FOMO (even if he doesn’t know what that stands for).

So far, the HuffPost Finds team has recommended all kinds of Father’s Day gifts, including last-minute presents on Amazon, personalized gifts that’ll feel special, gifts for the dad who’s a sports fanatic, and presents for the self-proclaimed grill master.

Father’s Day is just a few days away — June 21, to be exact. And while it might be a while until your dad can go into a restaurant IRL safely, you can celebrate the day by bringing the restaurant to him — including contactless takeout, restaurant cookbooks, and, of course, Father’s Day gifts that’ll help him around the kitchen.

From a mortar and pestle set that’ll give him guac on the side at no extra cost to a mandoline that’ll give him restaurant-worthy thinly-sliced carrots, these Father’s Day gifts are perfect for the dad who misses going out to eat.

Check out these Father’s Day gifts for the dad you misses restaurants:

A wooden pepper mill meant for fine dining
If he misses sprinkling on fresh pepper on his pasta, this ruler-length pepper mill will do. Find it for $64 at Williams-Sonoma. It comes in smaller sizes, too.
A Bloody Mary on the house
Uncommon Goods
These glasses are the right way to start off a morning. Find the set of two for $25 at Uncommon Goods.
A pasta maker that'll full of pastabilities
His favorite farfalle won't be too far away when he makes it himself. Find it for $44 at Amazon.
An egg maker for dads with bagel blues
Uncommon Goods
For the breakfast sandwich he's been craving. Find it for $25 at Uncommon Goods.
A pan that'll give him restaurant-quality poached eggs
It's pretty eggcellent: You can even use it to sauté and sear, too. Find it for $49 at Food52.
An unbeleafable indoor garden
You don't need much thyme for this one: This garden will water itself and comes with three basil starter pods. Find it for $100 at Nordstrom.
A pun-infused book of cocktails
Here's a toast to the "Romeo and Julep" recipe in here. Find it for $11 at Amazon.
An iron press for tortillas
Sur La Table
This tortilla maker is perfect for taco nights. Find it for $45 at Sur La Table.
A mortar and pestle for guac on the side
He won't be charged extra for homemade guacamole, after all. Find it for $30 at Williams-Sonoma.
A mandoline that's a slice above the rest
Your dad will feel like a chef with carrots that turn out perfectly thin. Find it for $42 at Amazon.
A monthly membership to apéritifs on the rocks
He'll definitely be a cool dad with this membership, which sends him one to six bottles a month. Find memberships starting at $35 at Haus.
A filet mignon that'll rival his favorite steakhouse
It's a pretty cleaver gift. Find the pack of six for $69 at Rastelli's. And you can check out our guides to sites that sell meat and where to order seafood online, too.
The closest thing to freshly churned butter
Holy cow: this butter's made in Georgia from grass-fed cows. It's way better than the butter cubes at restaurants anyway. Find the set of three for $44 at Food52.
A super fancy basil olive oil
We're sure this basil olive oil will produce lots of delicious dishes. Find it for $40 at Brightland.
A takeout cup that's reusable
Uncommon Goods
It'll give him deja brew. Find it for $14 at Uncommon Goods.
A whistling tea kettle for a cuppa after dessert
Le Creuset
Pour one out for this classic Le Creuset tea kettle. Find it for $75 at Le Creuset.
A board that's a bit cheesy
This cheese board sure is gouda. Find it for $25 at Amazon.
The very appropriately named "sous chef apron"
Sur La Table
To avoid spills, splatters and any other kitchen mishaps. Find it for $60 at Sur La Table.