The Best Fitness and Health Products To Kickstart Your Year

The Best Fitness and Health Products To Kickstart Your Year
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Co-Authored by Nandeet Mehta

With the start of a new year coming soon, use this season’s holiday promotions and deals to get yourself ready for 2017 and get acquainted with this past year’s most popular fitness products.

Moov Now is a revolutionary fitness tracker that moves beyond a typical wearable and transforms into your personal coach. By teaching you form and technique for exercises ranging from boxing to running, Moov has put your personal trainer on speed dial, with just the quick tap on an app to launch.

PhoneSoap 2.0 is by far one of the most needed products this year, especially with our growing addiction to our phones. Smartphones are a double-edged sword in that its versatility means it can be used for virtually anything, and at the same time collect bacteria that will stumble its way towards you. PhoneSoap’s solution is a UV sanitization product that will clean your phone in just 10 minutes, removing the filth that came from toilets, dirt, and more.

Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is the perfect alternative to the most likely filthy public BPM’s located at drugstores, or the expensive variety made for consumer purchase. By harnessing the technology of your smartphone, this BPM cuff is medically approved to keep track of your blood pressure and helps you alert your physician of any changes in your cardiovascular health.

CliniCloud Kit is the go-to smart healthcare device that has completely redesigned the home health experience. With a kit complete with a stethoscope and thermometer, you can monitor and send off health reports to your doctor when anything is of concern. Combined with the app, CliniCloud has become the revolutionary smart first aid kit that will help you and your family keep track of their health.

Click and Grow’s Smart Herb Garden is a great way to grow your own fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs all in the sanctity of your kitchen. With built-in sensors assisting you along the way, green-thumbs aren’t too far away as your plants will thrive under optimal water, oxygen and nutrient dispensation with Click and Grow.

HyperIce Vyper is a vibrating foam roller that helps get every knot and stretch out every muscle for optimal workout conditions. Warm up and cool down got a lot more enjoyable with the Vyper, the best roller to help relieve muscle soreness and stiffness due to exercise or injury.

Oyo’s DoubleFlex helps your living space get one step closer to a live-in gym. Instead of weights, Oyo DoubleFlex depends on resistance to decrease the stress on joints but maintain the difficulty and strength building. Backed by various physical trainers and therapists it’s no wonder that Oyo’s newest product helps lose weight and gain muscle, all without having to leave your living room.

Hammacher Schlemmer’s Air and Surface Sanitizer gives you peace of mind with a clean and safe home by removing toxins and germs that are abound during the winter season. Removing up to 99% of mold and bacteria, you’ll have the cleanest house on the block using UV light and catalytic molecule emission to remove all of the holiday germs.

KOR Water Fall is the perfect countertop water filter that will make great-tasting and clean water at any point in the day, all while making a great center piece. The best part is its multiple carafes that can hold and store water, so you’re not tied down to just one pitcher.

LumoLift is your personal posture coach to get you to sit up and stand tall, minus the nagging from your mother. With its gentle notification system, Lumo Lift will alert you when you begin to lean out of the optimal posture and into slouching mode. Lumo gamifies breaking bad habits and enforces the good ones with it’s app and connected smart device.

Axius is the ultimate core workout device that will help strengthen your core while boasting portability and versatility. Perfect for any small living space turned home gym that will assist anyone start chasing after those six pack abs they so desire.

Cross X Body Trainer functions as top of the line boxing equipment for in home use to switch up your workout routine. With quick, intensive workout sessions, you’ll feel your body being to sculpt your core and boost your cardio. Soon enough, your house will be the coveted gym everyone will turn to.

Quell is a ground-breaking pain relief device using scientifically proven and patented OptiTherapy to make a pain relieving wearable, without any drugs. While at first glance it may look simple on the outside, Quell works wonders as it stimulates your sensory nerves that, in a signal cascade fashion, can block pain signals giving you a pain-free day. For the 1 in 3 Americans suffering from chronic pain, look no further than Quell to resolve your pain issues, no matter where on your body.

Mocaheart is the world’s smallest and simplest health tracker with measurements able to be taken just with a quick scan of your thumbs. Health and fitness tracking never got easier—simply keep in your wallet or purse and record at your leisure. Sync with your phone for updated stats and trend reporting.

Umoro is a line of workout clothes and bottles for men and women where comfort and aesthetics go hand in hand. Made of bamboo and spandex, select pieces of the Umoro clothing line are by far the most comfortable out of all competing athletic wear brands due to their unique textile composition. Check out any one of their amazing clothes for outfits you’ll want to wear to the gym and out.

AliveCor’s Kardia Mobile Portable EKG takes hospital equipment and puts them at your fingertips for the ultimate health tracking tool. Now, there is an easy way to keep track of your health and fitness, without always having to leave your door or the gym. With FDA clearance and backing by physicians, AliveCor works to keep your heart in check, every beat of the way.

Spand-Ice—For back pain, look no further than to Spand-Ice, a leading company specializing in back pain therapy both in clothes and wraps. For fast recovery, Spand-Ice uses heat and cooling methods to soothe your muscles, all while retaining maximum compression to reduce inflammation. The perfect tool for those who are constantly keeling over in back-pain or wanting an never-ending massage.

Vitastiq—One of the greatest pieces of technology out there to monitor your nutrition, Vitastiq is an innovative device that gives insight into the nutrients you are both receiving and lacking in your day to day diet, without any invasive measures. With sensors to detect and report nutrient levels topically on skin contact, Vitastiq’s app will keep track of and track your dietary habits and keep you on top of your health.

Monkii Bars—Transform any room into your personal gym with Monkii Bars, the perfect on-the-go workout equipment that you can enjoy indoors and out. Stow away in your backpack for a quick workout after work in the park, or keep them at home to avoid paying massive fees for a gym membership. With 6,000 backers on Kickstarter, it’s for sure that these monkey bars aren’t just for kids.

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