The Best Frat Houses: List

Who doesn't love a good frat house? In some, the bar is always stocked, but the asbestos is ignored. Clearly, not all are created equally. Last year, started the long task of figuring out which were the best in America. They released their findings Monday. Here's how they determined the best.

Your 30 Best Frat Castles, in so many words.

To complete this list, we scoured schools' webpages, asked around at a few schools, and consulted Greek Life conduct boards to see who was on their best behavior. (Just kidding.)

Additionally, over 50 of you emailed to submit your own houses, and because this was the best source of info in a small pool, this list will probably be slanted more toward those who sent in tips. There's only so many campus police reports we can read.

So take a look at the best 11 fraternity houses, and tell us what you think. Then head over to to see if your school is in the top 30.

11 Best Frat Houses