The Best Hot Dog Toppings: Chicago, Sonoran And Beyond (PHOTOS)

To prove it, we found 23.

We love hot dogs for a lot of reasons, but we've pinpointed the most compelling one: hot dog toppings. And no, we are not talking about ketchup.

Since July is National Hot Dog month, and you've probably already ordered your hot dog apron and hat for the season, let's get down to business and talk actual hot dog topping ideas. We love the traditional Chicago dog and chili dog, but we've also got a developing fondness for the banh mi dog. But the hot dog topping recipes we've compiled below take things one step further. We're talking nachos, mac and cheese, 7-layer dip. It is possible that there is no savory food that won't taste better piled on top of a hot dog. Let us know which one you'll cook up this summer in the comments!

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