The Best Internships: List

A great internship can be the difference between job prospects and job doldrums. recently ranked the 10 best internship programs. These institutions both challenge and reward promising new recruits. So what companies made the cut? Mitt Romney's old company, Bain! has more:

When it came to Bain's internships, survey respondents rated full-time employment prospects at the firm a 10 out of 10 with one intern stating, "The amount of responsibility I received is unbelievable, and as a result, I have learned a lot."

Interns were also high on Mass Media Science & Engineering Program, rating both the meaningfulness of the work and the challenge of the projects a 10 out of 10, with one respondent commenting, "This internship has reinforced my determination to pursue a science writing career."

Check out our slide show of the best internships. Then tell us, which one is your favorite? Weigh in below!



Best Internships